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"My lawyers have been harassing me for years to put some kind of disclaimer on this site, one of those ass
covering maneuvers lawyers love because our society places no responsibility on the heads of lawbreakers,
oh no, it's all society's fault. "I read a nasty comic book and it made me go rape my grandma" kind of bullshit. So here
it is. If you're some dumb ass kid under 18, get the fuck off of my site before you get me in some kind of trouble here!
I'm serious! Get off my site dick head. We got all kinds of adult material on here that will absolutely melt your brain and
send you into years of fucking therapy! What, you didn't hear me? Go on, beat it, ya bother me. Scat, git,shoo, Amscray!
I cannot be held responsible for your tiny little minds.
I warned ya....